Scarlet Magazine

By Andrew J. Baran

A Little Rope Play..

Two of my fave models enjoying a bit of rope play. Enjoy!

nuff said!

There really isn’t much to say about these just enjoy.


That old black magic, who do that Voodoo. Just remember I am a photographer not a writer. That old black magic, who do that Voodoo. Just remember I am a photographer not a writer.

I’m baaaack!

I’ve had several followers of this site chastising me lately for not keeping up on my posting pics and blogs. So to all of you that missed me, sorry and here are a few new images. -ajb

Frank Frazetta

  This is my homage to Frank Frazetta from a few years ago.

My Shoot With Camille.

We’ve worked together before but it has been two years. Two years too long! She is without a doubt one of the most wonderful people to work with.

The Shot That Got Away

Legs parted and thoughts of entrancement zipped to the near miss of…what…through these memories only a vision of what could have happened if the hand grazed… sweetness is the taste of what has been thought never to have become…no more guilty remnants, no more feeling of constraint…would it ever be, would it ever want to more »


It’s been a bit over a month since I last blogged. Every now and then shooting a model is just plain old fun. I’d love to pick on Kitty and say that wasn’t the case in this instance but no, it was a plumb pleasing pleasure working with this beginner. And to be honest she’s more »

Lighting Diagram from Brookes Shoot

Here’s the lighting diagram from one of the shots I did with Brooke. It’s pretty simple, the main light is the strip box on a boom almost directly above her. With a kicker/fill light, with barn doors behind her. The background is black fabric. The only thing that I think that I do special in more »

Shooting with Brooke.

Here are a few images from my shoot a few weeks ago with Brooke. This is the third time we’ve worked together and I think each time we have created wonderful, erotic imagery. Brook is creative and so visually sexy and stimulating I can’t imagine not getting amazing photos. I can’t wait till we get more »

Reply to an Email

And right back at you stranger! Wow! I did wonder what happened to you, you just disappeared, but that  goes on a lot in model /photographer land. Thank you for the compliment on the magazine. The hard copies are gorgeous, they’re printed wonderfully and though I think my design skills are weak they’ll do till more »

My Shoot with Myra

This shoot with Myra was pure pleasure. We started flirting (photographer/model working together flirting) online about two months ago. And yes, I think of Myra as totally crazy and great to work with. So here are a few images from the shot. -andrew

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