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K’s Scarlet Blog: The Return of K

Phew…it’s been a while…but I’ve finally gotten better at keeping my blogs, et cetera, updated on a regular basis. Haven’t shot with AJB in a while, but I am living downtown now, which at least puts me closer to his studio.  🙂  The next time we shoot, I’m going to be more in shape so more »

K’s Scarlet Blog: It Continues!

Continuing on from last time… Currently, the things buzzing around the centre altar are: working again with AJB, my website and ways to improve it, the burlesque shows I’ve been doing with the Hot Tail Honeys, video games, a new photo project where I play an ex-IRA assassin, and “Despicable Me”. Andrew J. Baran more »

K’s Scarlet Blog: And So It Begins…

Catch a glimpse at the rowdy grey matter swimming in my skull…

A Love Letter To You

I count myself blessed to know you. Every time I’m with you, in your presence I feel full, like a cup running over. You fill me to the brim and on my own accord I overflow with compassion, kindness, and gratitude, for you, for me, and for anyone else in our path. I love you. more »

The Shot That Got Away

Legs parted and thoughts of entrancement zipped to the near miss of…what…through these memories only a vision of what could have happened if the hand grazed… sweetness is the taste of what has been thought never to have become…no more guilty remnants, no more feeling of constraint…would it ever be, would it ever want to more »

A Visit Part 1

“I’m an hour away from Michael’s work.” I heard her say on the other end of the line. I told her that she needed to go ahead and call Michael so that they could just drive down together and pick up dinner on the way home. Her visit is one of the reasons I look more »

A Visit Part 2

She confessed that she felt like she did not give good blow jobs and was very insecure because of her lack of experience. I suggested that I should teach her. I pulled the sheets down,  finding Michael hard and almost  bursting…. painfully confined in his Pajama bottoms. I pulled his pajama bottoms off and told her more »

A Visit Part 3

I nodded as my body convulsed with orgasm. He took the toy out from inside her, then filled her. She took him in, guiding him, and setting the rhythm. Pumping slowly at first… then harder… and harder. I thrilled at the slapping sound of her round bottom against his hips as he drove himself faster more »

You Are The Sky

We each have an energy signature,
A unique mix that becomes you, becomes me.
My mind sees my energy in color, and yours,
And paints a picture of ours together.

Teapots and Teaspoons

I could really be a teapot…I’m short (not really stout) and little. I do get steamed up. I do shout when I get that way. And most of the time I want assistance in getting cooled off. And it makes me wonder what the song writer was really thinking when they made this jingle?

I Want You To Want Me

I wonder why I’m such an aggressor when it comes to sex- why it feels like a power play or a power trip? Sexually speaking, it’s been my nature to want to please a guy. And I try so hard to make him happy that I have no idea what makes ME happy. How did more »


Is R.E.S.P.E.C.T really what I want? Or, deep down do I want to be heard, loved and cherished? Do I want a man in my life who wants yin or yang…or just ‘tang’?

Play Me A Song

The private concert was over. Yet, the encore was even better.
“It’s all about you tonight. I want to pleasure you.” Those were the words he said. And I became his muse or better yet a new instrument his fingers desperately wanted to play, an instrument his fingers wanted to create beautiful noise with.


A mass of dark curls frames her exotic golden face, her body warm and like silk next to mine. I watch her sleep for a while. Lying there so beautiful, I can’t resist…I slowly kiss her as I playfully stroke her hair..she stirs, stretches, and lazily opens her eyes.  She smiles and lets out a low seductive more »

Wing Man

I have a friend who plays the sax. He was scheduled to play Friday night at a local bar. I told him I’d show up no matter what. Two hours before I left the house my wing man, or wing wo-man canceled on me. What’s a girl to do? My answer: Go anyway. Yes, go more »


I’ve been hanging around car lots lately. Probably because I’m thinking about getting a new car. Not that the one I have is bad. Heck, it’s even paid off! Yet, I’m starting to think about another car, a different car, instead of the one I have. And how fun it’d be to bring it home more »


There’s all kinds of vices. For some it’s cigarettes or a well-aged glass of Scotch. For many in my office it’s Diet Mountain Dew. Others can’t make it through the morning without a trip to Starbucks or through dinner without a bottle of wine. These singular vices don’t really appeal to me. Yet, I do more »

The Embrace

Today, for the first time in my life I cried in the arms of someone who cared. They weren’t strong arms, or big arms To give the feeling of protection. They were my sister’s arms. No words were exchanged. And none were needed. Being ‘present’ made all the difference. Being held. And feeling her loving more »

Sticky Sweet

Drip. Drip. I’ve never liked the honeybear so much as when it’s being squeezed, drizzling sweet nectar over my breasts. Drip. Drip. I’ve never liked the honeybear so much as when it’s being squeezed, drizzling sweet nectar over my stomach. In patterns down my legs. In lines down to my toes. I run a finger more »

The Variety Show

For women, variety comes in different environments. To illustrate, here’s a “Weekly Sex Recipe” sampling:

keep looking »

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