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By Andrew J. Baran

Nancy’s new Website

I’ve been reading Searching for Suzi by Nancy Stohlman. I’m not a reviewer so I’ll keep this short. I’ve enjoyed the poignant but melancholy humor.  And the story is keeping me entertained, I can’t ask for more. Nancy has a new website. Most of the information that I’ve written about is there plus a bit more »

Nancy’s Blogspot

NANCY STOHLMAN has a wonderful blog, if you have a moment take a look.

Searching for Suzi

A book reading/signing by Nancy Stohlman. Nancy has written a novel called “Searching for Suzi”: a Flash Novel that’s been nominated for Pushcart Prize! She’ll be here next month promoting her book. If you‘d like to attend here are the Omaha promotional dates. January 13th, 2010 The Pizza Shoppe Collective 7pm: Reading and Book Signing more »

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