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K’s Scarlet Blog: The Return of K

Posted on | August 31, 2011 | No Comments

Phew…it’s been a while…but I’ve finally gotten better at keeping my blogs, et cetera, updated on a regular basis.

Haven’t shot with AJB in a while, but I am living downtown now, which at least puts me closer to his studio.  🙂  The next time we shoot, I’m going to be more in shape so I can do more physically challenging poses. P90X, grrr!

Video games…they’re awesome. Currently playing (in order of descending frequency): Alice–Return To Madness, Epic Mickey (love it, except for the freaking camera angles…it’s not nearly adjustable enough…but story-wise, puzzle-wise, it’s all great, and reaches back in time for some really neat Disney mythos), Twilight Princess (yes, I know, it’s been out forever, but I’m trying to get all the side-quests done before the final battle!), Assassin’s Creed II (I need to play more often because I keep forgetting the button combos for a lot of the moves…but historical fiction, in a video game? Hell yes!), and BioShock 2 (Big Daddy is my hero…my fella has one of the little dolls like the one the Little Sister made to look like her Big Daddy…very jealous…!)

On a similar note, board/card games are also awesome. Recently played Chez Geek (from the makers of Munchkin) for the first time; my analysis is inconclusive because the game didn’t last long (my fella got dealt a great hand in the beginning, grrr). Ticket To Ride (although a board game, I generally play it on Xbox) is a particular weakness of mine…it brings out a truly fearsome, competitive side of me…when playing this addictive game of trains, I have been known to curse endlessly at the television, stamp my feet, and (only a few times) toss down my controller just a little too roughly. I just played Talisman last night for the first time at a local gaming store; despite the intimidating size of the board (the guys had added on some of the expansion pieces), it was fairly easy to pick up, and I did pretty well, considering I entered after the game had begun. My character, the Dread Knight, was totally bad-ass, mwahaha! Also, a side-note…I did not feel at ALL conspired against or like the guys were “going easy on” me…I don’t always feel like that when I go to play in this most often all-male environment. So, thanks guys. 🙂

Need to get back to cleaning the new apartment. We’re still in Phase I: cleaning up my room so I have room for a bed. Phase II is figuring out lighting (I’m thinking large stackable glow cubes). Phase III is painting the rooms; I’ve got different parts of the world for each room! Except for T.G.’s room (T.G. is my roommate/co-playwright). Speaking of T.G., stay tuned for our comic, “Ellipses & Parentheses”.

See you all again soon!



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