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James Hendrickson

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When I look over the past 40 years of my photographic artwork, I see not only a list of things that make up my professional life but the importance of the journey as to who I am today. As I scan the journey, I see things, people, places, and events that make a life.

This journey began for me in a rocket explosion in a rice paddy in Vietnam in 1968. In the flash of that explosion was a doorway opening into a new life.Later came years of art school at the San Francisco Art Institute and at the Academy of Art of San Francisco. Since that time, I have participated in over 80 exhibits both in the United States and overseas. Writing grants and receiving awards were also important events on my journey. For over six years, I published The Lover of the Image magazine which took me to new and wonderful destinations and down many unexpected roads.

©James Hendrickson

©James Hendrickson


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