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By Andrew J. Baran

A Visit Part 2

Posted on | January 4, 2010 | No Comments

She confessed that she felt like she did not give good blow jobs and was very insecure because of her lack of experience. I suggested that I should teach her. I pulled the sheets down,  finding Michael hard and almost  bursting…. painfully confined in his Pajama bottoms. I pulled his pajama bottoms off and told her to show me how she  orally pleasures a man. She was hesitant and I think a little shocked but she did as she told. I instructed her in how to please my man… Michael was beyond himself with pleasure and I was in awe of his strength to refrain from finishing. I told Michael that now it was his turn to pleasure her, as I tied her hands with a scarf, to our wrought-iron headboard. She confessed that she had never done this before and so I eased her into it by blindfolding her. I told her to enjoy and just feel. Forget about the outside world and what she had been taught is normal. In this room, there is no judgment, just pleasure in the act of getting in touch with what sexually feels good.

Michael’s head was between her legs as I tied her hands… she was writhing with pleasure and tugging at the headboard as I blind folded her. I pleasured Michael as he was hungrily tasting her and enjoying the moans that his act elicited from her. I ceased for a moment because I could feel that it was getting more and more difficult for him to hold back. I went to her and kissed her. Eagerly her tongue searched for mine. Michael grabbed a handful of my hair and directed my head between my friends thighs. I tasted the musky scent between her legs and I felt normal. It felt so right being with a woman again. Softly I kissed the warm, sweet essence of her,  relishing every moment of the act. She called my name in between moans and Michael filled her mouth with his hardness. He untied her and she eagerly grabbed at him, taking more and more of him in her mouth. He undid her blindfold and instructed her to look at him as she pleasured him. He told her what a wonderful job she was doing. She became more and more confident. Michael could take it no longer, so he pulled us both to the edge of the bed. Side by side we lay, bent on the edge of the bed.  He leaned over and kissed me, then my friend, and he grabbed both of our heads and directed us to kiss each other. He brought out a toy that he had just bought and put it inside her. She moaned and tugged at my lips faster as she was lost in the vibrating pleasure of the toy.  Michael finished me and he leaned over and asked for permission to finish inside her…


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