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By Andrew J. Baran

You Are The Sky

Posted on | December 30, 2009 | No Comments

We each have an energy signature,
A unique mix that becomes you, becomes me.
My mind sees my energy in color, and yours,
And paints a picture of ours together.

My energy is a mix of yellow, orange and shades of red.
I radiate yellow happiness, optimism and child-like wonderment.
I can be a warm orange of sensuality, emotional self-expression, creativity, health and vitality.
Then at times under certain circumstances I can be fire red with raw passion, determination and the need for survival.
All are hues of a massive solar power.

I feel your energy.
It is a mix of clear white and blue with hints of purple and green.
There is an ever present clearness of spiritual vibrations and divine inspiration
Coupled with the light translucent blue of freethinking, masculinity, verbal communication and the understanding of possibilities.
You exhibit instances of deep purple, giving off authoritative wisdom, superiority, imagination and intuition.
And your energy is sprinkled with the green of healing, peace, new growth and balance.
All hues of unrestrained space.

I am the artist.
Our energy signatures are the color palette.
In my mind, I paint a masterpiece of this moment,
This interval in time when our bodies are intertwined, when our breaths are syncopated,
When our energy is collectively thriving.

I am the sun, yellow and bright, that lights up the darkness.
You are the sky, clear and blue, expansive and unbounded by time, touching everyone and everything.

Together, we create the sunrise.
The birth of a new day, new visions, new thoughts, new experiences for all whom we touch.

Together we create the sunset.
A mixture of breath-taking oranges, reds, and deep purples as inner emotions dance across the canvas of your sky and disappear into the passions of the night,
Into the blackness of slumber when the sun closes her eyes.
And the sky holds her,
As the stars come out.



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