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By Andrew J. Baran

A Visit Part 3

Posted on | January 4, 2010 | No Comments

I nodded as my body convulsed with orgasm. He took the toy out from inside her, then filled her. She took him in, guiding him, and setting the rhythm. Pumping slowly at first… then harder… and harder. I thrilled at the slapping sound of her round bottom against his hips as he drove himself faster and deeper into her. I kissed her as I recovered from the intense orgasm and was now basking in the warm glow…
she was almost there…
I kissed her eagerly… matching the pace of Michael’s stroke. I saw her eyes grow wide and watery… she shook and her body went rigid… she let out a loud moan… a final moan before she was spent. Michael, certain that she was finished, finally felt free to surrender to pleasure and exploded into the inviting warmth inside her. We laid there that night, in the comfort of our friendship and basked in our shared sexual fulfillment. I awoke from the haze of my sweet memory of her previous visit, to the cold water pelting my skin. I heard the bathroom door open and I peered from behind the shower curtain to see Michael, smiling with a glass of wine for me. Our visitor was behind him. I told him I had lost track of time… just thinking. She came and gave me a kiss and she told me that it had been a stressful drive and that she was going to borrow Michael for a while…
As she led Michael out of the bathroom, she looked back and told me to come up when I was ready. I told them to have fun and that I would be up in a little while. I thought to myself just how much I love the holidays and how much I love her visits as I dried myself off.


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