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By Andrew J. Baran


Posted on | November 22, 2009 | No Comments

There’s all kinds of vices. For some it’s cigarettes or a well-aged glass of Scotch. For many in my office it’s Diet Mountain Dew. Others can’t make it through the morning without a trip to Starbucks or through dinner without a bottle of wine.

These singular vices don’t really appeal to me. Yet, I do have a vice…as the Pringles tagline quips ‘you can’t eat just one’… I have a tendency to want more of the same thing- like cookies, brownies, ice cream and pumpkin pie. But, it goes way beyond food. Yes, the saying made it’s way into other areas of my life…like throwing myself into whole projects instead of staying committed to just one task or cleaning the whole house when I intended to just clean the toilet. And over and over.

Once the senses (taste, smell, touch) get turned on they go into hyper drive with a laser focus to get every ounce of pleasure and satisfaction they can. This includes my sexuality. With just one thought, just one touch, just one kiss….I want one more, then one more, then one more.

I’ve had a taste. And so tonight my mind’s in a place it can’t escape. A place with lace, a place with leather, a place with seductive stares and sexy one-liners that tantalize my subject until he surrenders to my wills and takes me to bed…or the nearest restroom stall, dark corner or back seat. Whichever is closest. And tomorrow morning, afternoon and night will be the same. Because once I get a taste…I can’t eat just one.



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